How the Calendars work

...and use them to sign up or when booking a Tee Time!

 On this website you will find a 'Calendar of Eglin GC Events',  Eglin GC Events Listing' and  'Eglin GC Tournaments' - all of which only contain information about Tournaments and Events organized by the Eglin Golf Course.

This means you may even find events that take place outside of the actual Golf Course itself, as long as they have been organized by the Eglin Golf Course.  The events are not nessecarily restricted to golfing events - Golf Equipment Demo Days being one example.

Also, this calendar does include the Intramurals calendar as well.

Here you can find information and, if applicable, sign up for those events. You may also use this information when intending to book a Tee Time - but there is a better way for that! Read on...


You may wonder why you do not see any Unit or other Tournaments ....  so where do you find all these other events??

We have put them (including all Eglin Tournaments!) in a convenient place for you - the Tee Time Reservation System website (Computee). Is that more convenient than here? We think it is, and we'll explain you why:

When you want to book a Tee Time, the easiest way is to do this from the comfort of your home, behind your laptop (no Android or iPhone yet, but we're working on it!), seated on your sofa! (As a Member  you can even do this 14 days ahead.... ). Just login as normal, and you get to this screen:

Tee Time Login Screen

All you have to do now is click on 'Upcoming Events' - and voilá: you will see all events per month! That even includes Aerification and more:

Tee Time System Upcoming Events

Now you can easily see when you can or cannot book a Tee Time! You can even click on any Tournament and see all information, including who the POC is, so you can contact them if you want to join a particular Tournament!

A BIG thank you here to Susan Malo who has been putting in all this information on the Computee Website!

Good luck, we hope to see you soon here at the Eglin Golf Course!!

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